The advantages you gain from having your own Lawyer available month to month.

  1. The Client receives proactive and priority service. The Client can count on the Lawyer being as easily accessible as possible to support the Client’s business.
  2. From the outset, the Lawyer builds a strong professional and working relationship that removes any and all assumptions.
  3. The Client allows disclosure as to their lack of legal knowledge that may hinder, sabotage or reactively become a costly expense in the future.
  4. The Client reveals the business limitations and nuances that require implementing a strong legal and corporate foundation.
  5. The Lawyer fully understands and becomes familiar with all of the workings of the business and how best to both protect, as well as to help the Client to succeed.
  6. The Lawyer immediately and proactively deals with all potential and current legal items such as:
    • Creating the best corporate structure for the business;
    • Creating a minute book for the business and educating the Client on how and why to keep the minute book up to date;
    • Drafting all necessary contracts for the business;
    • Collecting receivables owed to the business;
    • Answering and addressing any legal questions and issues that unexpectedly arise;
    • Addressing all employment issues which could arise; and much more.
  7. Business owners require regular advice on compliance issues, potential legal issues, required documentation and proper procedures.
  8. Your Lawyer will consistently educate the Client to ensure their business is protected from possible legal issues and suits.
  9. The Client has the peace of mind that someone is looking out for them and their business interests while protecting them from any potential claims or legal challenges.