What Happens to My Child if I Die?

Protecting Your Children Through Proper Estate Planning

One of the main reasons why many of our estate clients come to visit us is because they have just had a new baby, and they want to ensure that their child is protected if something happens to them.

Creating a valid, well-drafted Last Will and Testament provides you with the ability to appoint the individuals who you believe are best suited to raise your child, and to protect that child from being subject to unnecessary family drama or from ending up in a situation that is not what you would want for them.

A Last Will and Testament also enables you to help best support your child through setting up a trust for them whereby they can access funds for education and living expenses at any time, but where they will not be given excessive sums of money until they are older – often 25 or 30 years old – to ensure that they have the capacity to steward well the finances they are provided, and to make the best possible decisions with that money.

On top of that, at Global Equity Law, we also provide additional support for our clients in the form of Temporary Guardianship Applications, and Executor Support Guides.

Did you know that if something happened to you and you had a babysitter at your home, who calls the police when you don’t arrive home, that it is possible for your children to go temporarily into protective custody (and even temporary foster care) until such time that a proper individual is located to care for your children? We help to ensure that this doesn’t happen for our clients by providing them with the ability to sign Temporary Guardianship Applications – whereby an individual who lives close by is legally appointed to care for their children until the individual listed in their Last Will and Testament is located.  This protects their children from an even more traumatic situation.

Our Executor Support Guides help to protect the individuals who our clients appoint as their executor – often their adult children, or their siblings – from facing liability as an executor, and from facing overwhelm, when they take on the role of dealing with the testator’s estate.  These Executor Support Guides provide a step-by-step process for executors to make their role as simple and straightforward as possible to help remove some of the stress out of an already extremely painful situation.

We love helping our clients to protect their families.  Contact us today to book your estate consultation with us, and ensure that your family is properly protected.


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