Commercial Real Estate

At Global Equity Law, we love helping our business clients through the significant transitions of their lives, such as buying, selling or renting a property. We acknowledge that this process is typically lengthy and quite stressful, we pride ourselves on ensuring that working with us is clear, concise and keeps things as simple as possible whilst dealing with complex contracts and agreements.
We do not only assist in the buying and selling of commercial real estate, but we also remain diligent throughout the process in order to identify and rectify issues that may arise later down the line after purchasing commercial real estate. We offer solutions to help with commercial success and practice in real estate law.
Financial institutions can provide lengthy agreements which are complex and nuanced, having a law firm alongside you in order to comb through these contracts can give you and your corporation peace of mind.
We are committed to helping the process to be filled with transparency as we walk with our clients every step of the way, we ensure that legal jargon remains in the contracts, and we keep the entire process as simple and clear as possible.
We assist clients in the following areas:
Commercial real estate purchases and sales
We help our clients progress with business transactions which include real estate. These contracts can become lengthy and complex, so navigating the legal process correctly is crucial to obtaining a successful and issue-free deal.

Commercial real estate refinancing
Commercial real estate lawyers can help navigate real estate refinancing specifically when involving businesses, these typically bring up separate issues and the contracts, along with security documents are often more complex and lengthy. Lenders are typically protected with the addition of specific searches that are absent in residential loan situations, so ensuring that you have a lawyer can identify these issues is imperative.

Commercial real estate leases
Entering a new lease involved a substantial amount of litigation which needs to be navigated, we review and advise clients when they are taking on new leases or when they are in the negotiation phase. We also deal with potential or actual defaults on commercial leases.

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