In House Counsel

In House Counsel

At GE Law, we love helping businesses succeed. One way that we do this is by acting as in-house counsel for companies who are in need of additional legal support. This need may arise when there are higher than average amounts of legal work or when a member of the team is absent.

Specific reasons for requesting this service include:

  • A lawyer being away on maternity leave or sick leave;
  • Facing a period of growth at the business;
  • Having a large influx of legal work;
  • A desire to have consistent legal support without hiring a full-time employee; or
  • A need for short-term legal support to set-up legal processes, decrease the company’s liability and draft all needed contracts.

Benefits of Hiring our In House Counsel

  • Affordable

    We provide this service at rates that are much lower than what you would pay for outside legal support, and with the added benefit that our lawyers can come and work on-site with your business. Or, if space is an issue, our lawyers can also work remotely – coming in to meet with you and your team whenever needed.

  • Easy to work with

    Our lawyers are not just excellent at what they do – they are also warm, personable, kind and adaptable.   

  • Proactive

    Knowledge of your business and your company is of utmost importance. Our lawyers will strive to gain a thorough understanding of your business and your company so as to be better able to address any legal issues arising and to be proactive in determining ways that legal support can be effectively and efficiently provided.

  • Efficient

    Our lawyers are trained to come in to your business and gain a quick understanding of how your business works so they can provide you with the best support in the most time and cost-efficient manner.

  • Comprehensive

    Our lawyers can provide a broad range of support to your team.  This includes working with your existing team to review contracts, negotiating and documenting transactions and performing all related necessary due diligence, and analyzing the current processes to reduce liability and increase profitability.

  • Flexible

    Packages are available for anywhere from one day a week to as often as five days a week.  

    Never worry again about having too much legal work for your current team to handle.  We have you covered.

*Please note: because our expertise lies in other corporate areas, we do not provide legal assistance with respect to securities, taxation and criminal matters.

Virtual Corporate Counsel

Making brilliant business decisions is the foundation that secures a successful and profitable business. One of the brilliant business decisions you can make is to retain consistent corporate counsel who is sincerely dedicated to your business and your cause.

GE Law makes retaining corporate counsel accessible for all businesses.

Our virtual corporate counsel packages provides small and medium companies with the ability to enjoy the peace of mind and financial security which comes from having a lawyer available without the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

These lawyers work remotely and are available for any legal support required, such as reviewing contracts, discussing all potential legal ramifications of business decisions, advising on potential liabilities present within the business, and providing advice regarding regulatory compliance requirements.

We provide businesses with the following Virtual Corporate Counsel packages to suit their individual needs:


6 hours Lawyer Support per month;
Unlimited Calls.


8 hours Lawyer Support per month;
Unlimited calls;
Employee Discount on applicable
wills and estate matters.


10 hours of Lawyer Support ,with additional hours
being charged at a discounted rate;
Unlimited calls;
A discounted rate for the business’ employees
on applicable wills and estate matters.

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