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Global Equity Law

We are committed to giving back and empowering change in our communities and across the world through innovation, strategic initiatives and a holistic approach to law, business and life.

We Believe

  • Support

    Supporting our clients to thrive, to succeed in what matters to them, and to create and grow businesses they are passionate about;

  • Empowering

    Empowering our clients to leave a legacy through our unique approach to Wills and Estates;

  • Entrepreneurship

    Encouraging entrepreneurship across the globe through the implementation of initiatives designed to empower small business owners in North America and abroad;

  • Giving Back

    Doing business in a way that tangibly gives back in both our communities and across the world; and

  • Excellence

    Going above and beyond in providing excellence in service and care for each one of our individual and business clients.

Each month we give back to an organization overseas and in our community that is helping to bring about justice or social change. We believe that as we each do what we can to give back with what we have – and to come together with others in our efforts – that the world can be transformed, one life at a time.

Global Equity Law (“GE Law”) provides exceptional service for flat fees or affordable rates to enable our clients to receive the legal advice and protection that they need without the stress that often comes from retaining a lawyer.

We work with our clients to ensure that they feel comfortable and understood. We seek to make the law accessible by ensuring that clients understand both the issues involved as well as the legal approach required in their circumstances.

If you are looking for a law firm that combines excellent service with clear and reasonable rates, contact us to find out how we can help you today.

As a startup, it was important that we had our legal papers lined up, but what exactly were they and where to start was our big question.

Chelsea not only explained what it was we needed as a newly incorporated company, but why we needed it and how we could evolve within our new position. We left feeling extremely confident about our new legal standing and the friendly firm behind us.

If you’re seeking for a law firm that understands the small battles entrepreneurs face, I could not recommend a better one than GE Law!

It has been a great experience for us to work with GE Law. They have our trust and they go above and beyond our expectations. So happy!

Chelsea was invaluable in helping our company. She provided answers that we really understood and was just a pleasure to work with. We consider her a part of our team now.

I recently had the pleasure of having Chelsea Thoms represent me.  I  couldn’t have made a better choice.  I love that she goes that extra  mile for me at such a stressful time.  I would  highly recommend her.

I have utilized the services of Chelsea and the team at Global Equity since my arrival in Alberta.  Not only has Chelsea exceeded my expectations but has continued to take care of several needs that have arisen since.  Chelsea has handled my personal estate planning, in addition to all my corporate needs including incorporation, buy sell, partnership, and employee agreements.  She reviews any legal engagements prior to my signing.  I cannot ask for a more confident, compassionate legal professional.  As a result, I have referred many people to her confident their legal needs will be taken care of.  Keep up the good work Chelsea!

We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Chelsea Thoms at Global Equity Law. From drafting our personal Wills to providing legal advice for our incorporated business, Chelsea has handled all our legal needs in a thorough and professional manner. In every interaction and communication Chelsea was attentive and responsive to all our questions and concerns. We would highly recommend Global Equity Law and would most definitely use them again if the need arises.

Chelsea was an amazing lawyer to work with. She was professional, patient and made things much less daunting as we set up our wills. She made the documents clear and understandable and helped us make decisions about what would be best for OUR wills in a comfortable and open environment. There is no one else I would rather have taking care of one of the most important documents of our lives. I knew that I could count on Chelsea to be competent and timely as we made our wills. Thank you Chelsea and Global Equity Law!